Brief summary about sericulture in Turkey: The sericulture industry in Turkey has a historical background for about 1500 years and has played an important socio-economic role. As Turkey was one of the main stop point of the Silk Road cocoon and silk production always had been a very important economical activity. Most of the fresh cocoon produced inside the country are used for silk carpet industry. Silk carpet has the biggest economic effect in sericultural sector. On the other hand there are some other silk handicrafts which have cultural worth rather than their economical value. But Hereke silk carpets which is well known by worldwide still has a big demand and very attractive for international markets. Turkey is facing a very sharp decrease in fresh cocoon production as well as in silk production since the beginning of 1990's. The reasons for this decline are caused by the structural changes on macro economic figures of Turkish economy and now the country is struggling for keeping alive the sericultural industry beside industrialization. So far Turkey has been succesfully carried on the industry mainly maintenance of silkworm genetic resources, silkworm egg multiplication, extension service/training to sericulture farmers. But also in order to promote the silk industry the necessary measures are taken such as providing a financial support from the government for the purchasing price of fresh cocoons, which aims to encourage the farmers for cocoon production; application of strategies for setting up new sericultural areas and development of the local silk market. As a result of all this efforts a sign of success has been seen as there is some increase on fresh cocoon production since 2001. Silk industries and silk handicrafts are one of the main cultural heritages that deserves to be protected. Beside their cultural worth as a economical value there is still a huge potential for silk market. Within this scope it is believed that by identifying the major problems revival of the industry can be achieved by the common efforts shown by the partnership of the countries in the Black, Caspian seas and Central Asia region.


Local sericulture institutions:

Name of Organization:
Union of Agricultural sales Cooperatives for Silk and Silk cocoons (abbreviated as Kozabirlik)
Contact Person :
Mr. Durmus Yilmaz
Postal Address :
Fevzi Cakmak cad. Beyta Ishani, 43, kat:4, 16050Bursa, Turkey
WEB Address :
E-mail :  ;
Tel/Fax :
+902242235410; +902242235413
Mission statement :
Kozabirlik is the biggest in the field of sericulture in Turkey with 5 cooperatives settled in 5 different districts of the country having totally more than 10000 producer members. This is the only organization for multiplying and distributing silkworm eggs to the cocoon farmers in Turkey. They purchase the whole national production of fresh cocoon and sell the dry cocoons to domestic and overseas consumers.

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