Who are we

Purposes and structure

The Black, Caspian Seas and Central Asia Silk Association (BACSA) was established after the “ International Workshop on Revival and Promotion of Sericultural Industries and Small Enterprise Development in the Black, Caspian Seas and Central Asia Region”, organized by FAO in cooperation with the Government of Uzbekistan and held at Tashkent, Uzbekistan from 11 to 15 April 2005 in order to promote sericulture production in the region countries. The association's main tasks are to:

  • generate sericulture projects from external resources, including bilateral and multilateral cooperation;
  • sensitize respective governments and prospective donors;
  • promote local and regional joint efforts which allow the cooperation between the countries of the Black, Caspian seas region and Central Asia to develop concrete actions that fortify the sustainable development of the sericulture in the region;
  • promote making agreements for international scientific-technical cooperation and business relations between the countries involved;
  • promote market studies, training, and dispersion of sericultural germplasm , and silkworm eggs.

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