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Principles of work organization

For t he operation of the association there are, chosen democratically by the members a President, two Vice-presidents, national coordinators for each member country , members of an Executive Committee . The members of the Executive Committee are directly the people in charge of coordination of all the raised activities for their country, within the regional context . The Executive Committee it is the bridge between the country, the national coordinator and the other countries of the association , to execute the actions defined in the region. The Committee gathers at least once a year and has the following functions:

  • To evaluate the work made by each national coordinator in activities of coordination in her/ his country with respect to the BACASA.
  • To recommend the names of the people in the association to receive training abroad.
  • To evaluate and to watch the handling of the "Rotary Funds" and "Research Funds", that will be probably created and to give the recommendations on orientation and better use of these resources.
  • To present/display the research proposals that require financing on the part of the "Research Fund" and to approve the necessary resources for this aim.
  • To give recommendations and suggestions on all publications and written material that takes place within the frame of the BACASA .
  • To advise to the association's President on the advances and progresses that must take place in the development of the activities and give recommendations her/ him on the modifications and corrections that are due to make for the final succes of the project.

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