 In 2004 mulberry silkworms breeding was moved from Żółwin to Poznań,
 preservative breeding,
 44 Polish varieties of mulberry silkworms:
• 30 Polish
• 7 Romanian
• 4 Georgian
• 2 Chinese
• 1 Japanese
 Plantation of the white mulberry (Morus alba L.) in Experimental Farm INF&MP in Petkowo,
 INF&MP is the one and the last institution in Poland with silkworms breeding.
Scope of work:
 Maintenance and broaden silkworms breeding,
 Obtain new industrial hybrids,
 Broaden white mulberry cultivation in Poland,
 Broaden plantation of the Polish mulberry „Żółwińska”,
 Obtain an artificial diet for caterpillars,
 New ways of silk and mulberry utilization in Poland and other EU countries (medicine, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry).
In 2010 was signed a cooperation agreement with Sericultural Research Institue of Liaoning, China.
Exchange, evaluation and utilization of silkworms germplasm between China and Poland.
Exchange information on methods of silkworms breeding and cultivation of white mulberry.

Local sericulture institution:
Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants
Dr Małgorzata Łochyńska (Ms.), Head
Department of Silkworms Breeding and Mulberry Cultivation
Wojska Polskiego 71b
60-630 Poznan, Poland
Phone: +48 61-845-58-49
Fax: +48 61-841-78-30


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