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BACSA activities

The Black, Caspian seas and Central Asia Silk Association (BACSA) activities are focused on :

1. On the basis of the analysis of the extensive real information on a present state of sericulture in all countries of the region, develop more optimum short /medium -term strategy of sericulture revival and development at a regional level and coordinate all joint actions necessary in this direction .
2. Prepare and search for possible donors for funding a regional project for sericulture industries revival in the Black, Caspian seas and Central Asia countries.
3. Creation of an international fund on revival and development of sericulture industry and handcraft manufacture of silk in the countries of the Black, Caspian seas and Central Asian region.
4. Creation of uniform standardization system for production of silk branch of the countries involved.
5. Prepare a draft project proposal in development of methods and means for innovation of the cocoon/silk processing technique and technology.
6. To function as a regional network of services to the sericulture activit ies of the Black, Caspian seas and Central Asia c ommunity of n ations
7. Impel a network of technical attendance at national level in each one of the region countries.
8. Promote c ooperation between the local sericulture research institutes , to jointly advance projects with European, Chinese, Indian, Japanese , Korean, etc. Universities and Research Institutes.
9. Favor the qualification improvement of research and technical staff taking advantage of the knowledge and experiences in the sericulturally more developed countries.
10. Organize training courses in the member countries. Creation of Centre s for personnel training and improvement of professional skills of silk industry experts.
11. Promote the accomplishment of workshops , congresses, encounters, agreements of scientific cooperation in sericulture. Foundation of periodical regional exhibitions along with training workshops and possibility of direct presentation of each country's silk products
12. Favor the exchange of information, between the countries, on the successful experiences and difficulties found in the sericulture activity . It is necessary to make bilateral and multilateral contracts between the countries of region about exchange of genetic resources of silkworm and mulberry, an exchange of scientific and technical, technological and other helpful information.
13. Promote activities of diffusion and promotion of silk handcrafts production, management of the micro artisan and/or farmers companies , m arketing c ourses , m icro companies a dministration c ourses.
14. Providing experts of the Silk Sector to the different Black , Caspian seas and Central Asia countries, with individual programs with base in specific necessities.
15. Improve the promotion and commercialization of sericultural products .
16. Dissemination of market information via workshops, meetings, internet presence and publications .
17. Promotion of links between producers and buyers, design of buyer - seller contracts, pricing systems and systems for quality control .
18. Promote the e xchange of sericulture genetic resources and comparative testing them.
19. Response to enquiries .
20. Favor t hat the Black and Caspian seas region countries integrate in their national development plans the sericultural industries and small silk enterprise.
21. Organize a permanent forum with the delegates of each one of the countries .
22. Open and maintain a web site

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